Prices and Policies

All Sections of the Cemetery

Cut flowers or artificial flowers may be placed in vases from April 15th to October 1st. The vase must be of a type that when not in use may be inverted and stored below lawn level. The Cemetery Office has a selection of Bronze and less expensive metal vases for sale.

Spiked vases and flowers placed in glass containers are not permitted in the Cemetery.

All cut flowers and artificial flowers must be removed by October 1st. If they are not removed by that date, the Cemetery will discard them. From October 30th through March 15th, wreaths or Styrofoam crosses may be placed on the graves on an easel. If they are not removed by March 15th the Cemetery will discard them.

Do not use wreaths on easels or Styrofoam forms for summer decorations except for the week before and after Memorial Day, as they will be removed.

Gardens Apostle - Eternity

Rules listed under "All Sections of the Cemetery" apply. Plantings of flowers must be placed in permanent vases, which can be inverted into the ground.

Gardes: Serenity - Meditation - Tranquility - Memories

Rules listed under "All Sections of the Cemetery" apply. Plantings of flowers in the ground is permitted in the above sections. If a flat marker is set, flower placement is permitted above the marker, however, planted areas are not to exceed marker length. If a monument is set, flowers are to be planted in front of the monument with planted area not to exceed base length.


Granite or Bronze on Granite markers are permitted in all sections of the Cemetery. Please contact the Cemetery Office for specific requirements. Marker maintenance is the sole responsibility of grave owners. Raising of markers to grass level can be arranged by contacting the Cemetery Office. This service is provided for a nominal fee.


Certain sections of the Cemetery have monument privileges. On those lots that permit the installation of a monument, the monument must be Bronze on Granite or only Granite. The Cemetery Office must approve the size of the monument before it is ordered.

Trees - Shrubs - Bushes

The Association will plant all shrubs, bushes and trees in locations allocated for that purpose. Anyone wishing to donate any of the above items in memory of a loved one please contact the Cemetery Office. Articles on gravesites in violation of these regulations will be removed by Cemetery personnel. The board of Trustees assumes no responsibilities for articles placed contrary to these rules. The association is not responsible for damage to or loss of vases, flowers, markers or monuments.

Current Price List

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